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Dance until you fall from Earth...

...and buy some cookies while you're out.


I'm in my mid twenties. I'm American but live in England with my British Husband, our son Charlie and our cat Merlin. We're both geeks, and liberals. He's a Christian, I'm...a spiritual person but essentially an Atheist.

I'm just living my life, enjoying it and aiming to be happy, and so far mostly succeeding.

I am also the founder of the Way of the Purple Penguins of Happiness.

Purple Penguin day is July 1st. If you want to share the way of the Purple Penguins (which is to be happy and share the happy please use the picture below to spread the message.

Purple Penguin Day!

Support This Site

Support This Site


A small business run with a personal touch, Elizaphia began when two friends with slightly odd senses of style started playing around with some joint artwork. Finding that this was all actually rather a lot of fun and that they did in fact like the result when they collaborated, these two friends from Devon (Elizabeth and Sophie) decided to create Elizaphia Designs and see where it went.

Where it went turned out to involve a waterfall of ideas they couldn't put down, and www.cafepress.com/elizaphia now houses a selection of their quirky and original designs, available on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, underwear, and pretty much anything you could want. New designs are always being added so don't forget to bookmark us and come back often!

I've also started a little shop for Fibromyalgia related merchandise...have a look!


make custom gifts at Zazzle

American Shop

buy unique gifts at Zazzle